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«This deliverable is the second of two reports within Task 3 of the MoRRI project. In short, the objective of Task 3 has been to construct, identify, and specify relevant metrics and indicators to be used in the subsequent RRI monitoring. Whereas the previous report (D.3.1) synthesised and assessed existing indicators and secondary data, this report (D.3.2) will [a] pin down the final, core set of RRI indicators, [b] provide detailed descriptions of each indicator, and [c] specify the primary and secondary data and procedures guiding the data-collection in Task 4. It should be noted that the indicators selected and presented in this report tap into RRI practices that could be used for monitoring the evolution of RRI across Europe. Later tasks of the MoRRI project will develop indicators focusing specifically on the societal benefits and impacts of such RRI practices. (…)«


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