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Ohmage: A General and Extensible End-to-End Participatory Sensing Platform

Ohmage: A General and Extensible End-to-End Participatory Sensing Platform

H. Tangmunarunkit, C. K. Hsieh, B. Longstaff, S. Nolen, J. Jenkins, C. Ketcham, J. Selsky, F. Alquaddoomi, D. George, J. Kang, Z. Khalapyan, J. Ooms, N. Ramanathan, D. Estrin

Participatory sensing (PS) is a distributed data collection and analysis approach where individuals, acting alone or in groups, use their personal mobile devices to systematically explore interesting aspects of their lives and communities [Burke et al. 2006]. These mobile devices can be used to capture diverse spatiotemporal data through both intermittent self-report and continuous recording from on-board sensors and applications.

Ohmage ( is a modular and extensible open-source, mobile to Web PS platform that records, stores, analyzes, and visualizes data from both prompted self-report and continuous data streams. These data streams are authorable and can dynamically be deployed in diverse settings. Feedback from hundreds of behavioral and technology researchers, focus group participants, and end users has been integrated into ohmage through an iterative participatory design process. Ohmage has been used as an enabling platform in more than 20 independent projects in many disciplines. We summarize the PS requirements, challenges and key design objectives learned through our design process, and ohmage system architecture to achieve those objectives. The flexibility, modularity, and extensibility of ohmage in supporting diverse deployment settings are presented through three distinct case studies in education, health, and clinical research.

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