Socientize Evaluation Report

Socientize Evaluation Report This evaluation report analyses the project’s achievements and impact and provides lessons learned on how to involve different groups of volunteers, like students, teachers and adults 50+ in scientific processes as partners of scientists. At the beginning of the project in the framework of the evaluation plan, evaluation methods and measurement indicators were elaborated. The evaluation is based on these methods.

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follow link To assess the achievements of the project’s objectives and to gain a better understanding of the circumstances of successful achievements a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods, including online questionnaires, paper-and-pencil surveys, semi-structured interviews and focus groups were combined with monitoring data collected during project implementation. site de rencontre pour ado de 13 a 14 ans gratuit This evaluation is based on two levels in order to include different stakeholder perspectives:

  • The first level evaluation includes perspectives of people directly involved in the project such as volunteers, teachers and scientists (internal perspective).
  • The second level evaluation includes perspectives of people, who took part in events organised by the Socientize consortium such as round tables and workshops (external perspective).

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Socientize Evaluation Report

Socientize Evaluation Report: Interesante para analizar la percepción de la ciencia desde la sociedad y el rol de la Ciencia Ciudadana.